LocationReckange is a residential suburb only a kilometer away from „the northern capital“ Mersch. The project is ideally located for its future residents, offering a balance of privacy and access to the commune’s facilities and services. Whether you arrive on foot, by bike, by car or by train, the municipality of Mersch, located in the geographical centre of Luxembourg, welcomes its visitors with a variety of attractions in culture, nature, sports and tourism. The commune offers a range of historical sites and entertainment, from historical medieval monuments to the National Literature Centre (CNL), as well as the town’s water and entertainment areas, such as the aqua centre Krounebierg, which offers swimming and bathing fun for the whole family, providing recreation and leisure.

Project: The challenge was to incorporate 3 single houses, each with a terrace and a garden, in a plot longer than it is wide, using natural light in the most efficient way, respecting sustainability criteria, and ensuring optimal comfort for future homeowners.
We were able to optimize the available surfaces, to create three houses each up to 15 m deep and 4 floors up. For the alignment of the houses, each unit is shifted backwards. This ensures that they all get the most possible sun exposure and the block effect is reduced. The orientation of the project is South-West facing.

DRP Group stands behind their belief of the Green Challenge, that nature can and should be integrated in real estate developments. Greenery on all the terraces and balconies seem to take over the project. Thus the strict separation between the building and the garden is erased. The planted flower beds located on the balconies allow private spaces to open outwards while preserving the privacy for future residents.

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