Our services in a nutshell - agency & development

Purchase a flat

- Delve into the world of DRP and discover our very own developments
- Access to our wide selection of other properties

Our agency will take care of everything from the initial brief to a set of keys in your hands.

Sell or rent a flat

- Receive a fair price in a descent period of time
- Free price estimation (in case we are responsible for the final sale)

Our agency will take care of everything between the first point of contact, up until the final signature at the notary

Professional advice

In case you do not know if you want to purchase or sell your flat - come and get professional advice

A certain guidance can sometimes be very helpful

We are trying our best to share our knowledge and give you the best options


DRP Group is buying old houses/apartments to refurbish them afterwards.

- Flats that are too old to live in
- Flats that are too dangerous to live in
- Apartments, houses, or old farms

Changing available, but unused, spaces into liveable spaces is a win-win for everybody


Renovations are sometimes combined with transformations.

- A transformation, such as a horizontal or vertical extension, will increase the surface of the building (i.e. adding a veranda)

With a limited amount of constructible area in Luxembourg, renovations and transformations are very important.

New developments

These projects vary quite a lot:

- Single houses
- Twin houses
- Bi-familial houses
- Residences (multiple apartments)
- Bigger developments - plot of land will be developed into a harmonious liveable area (houses, residences, commercial, ...)

  • Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us
  • We are open to discuss about any potential project
  • Align your objectives with ours
  • Flexibility is key
  • Team up with DRP.